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Power System - Knee Support 6002 - Kniebandage - 2 stk.

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Power System - Knee Support 6002 - Kniebandage - 2 stk.
€ 8,99
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Ideale Unterstützung für Kniebeugen und Beinpresse bei verletzungsbedingten und angeschlagenen Gelenken. Ideal für Bodybuilding und Powerlifting.

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€ 8,99
Inkl. 20% USt., zzgl. Versandkosten
entspricht € 8,99 pro 1 Stück (St)

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The series of products POWER SYSTEM is a wide range of high quality products manufactured from innovative materials, co-written by a team of consultants in the field of sports medicine. The development of a series of POWER SYSTEM is based on the anatomy and mechanisms of formation of trauma and injury.

KNEE SUPPORT is made of extremely strong, flexible material with transverse fibers of nylon to ensure maximum strength.
Suporter has been designed to help in the distribution and reduced congestion during exercise and prevent slipping or twisting tapes.
KNEE SUPPORT provides a comfortable stabilization and oppression. This is to reduce pain and increase joint mobility. In addition, flexible clasp allows you to adjust suporter to the knee.


- A unique design in stretchable material follows knee contours to enhance stability

- Breathable material quickly wicks away perspiration for greater comfort  and a superior fit

- Ideal for all sports with vigorous knee movements


  above knee below knee
M 26-29cm 22-25cm
L 29-32cm 25-28cm
XL 32-35cm 28-31cm


35% nylon, 25% spandex, 40% polyester



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